Unbooked hotel rooms and flights: how to get cheap tickets


You may have seen ads frantically claiming to offer you heavily discounted air tickets for international flights and cheap hotel accommodations at Oceanside Resorts. Or maybe you heard an advertisement for a car dealership on the radio saying that if you come down for a test drive, you will have a free vacation to some tropical paradise. Of course, these ads always look fancy, and deals often sound too good to be incredible, and most people simply pass them through. As consumers, we are forced to be vigilant about any transaction that does not seem to charge us the full price, because we believe that anything that is heavily discounted must be to some extent wrong or unpleasant or cumbersome. Few people think that these fancy proposals may be legal, but in many cases they are actually legal.

Imagine you have a small bed and breakfast. On Monday night, only 5 of your 10 rooms were booked. You can leave these rooms unbooked or if you still want to make money from them, you can give them up. If you give them up, how will you make money? It's simple: your guests may still order dinner and cocktails in the evening, and maybe provide late-night room service, take advantage of your minibar, have breakfast, and even stroll around the gift shop. So before you booked that unbooked place, you now have dinner, drinks, breakfast and more. Also, if you provide this guest with a really good experience, they will most likely be with you again and tell their friends about your residence. Suddenly, an unbooked room becomes very profitable, and all you do is give it away for free.

Airlines, hotels and resorts know that keeping their rooms and seats reserved is bad for business. Although it can be painful for any company to give away gifts for free, it is sometimes necessary to do so to reduce what would otherwise be overwhelming. As a result, these companies offer free travel vouchers to other companies worldwide. These secondary companies provide travel vouchers to individuals, businesses, and organizations in exchange for a small fee. This fee usually gives buyers the right to print an unlimited number of these coupons indefinitely or for a specific period of time.

These unbooked hotel rooms and ticket vouchers can then be sold for profit, as a gift, as an incentive for employees, as a temptation for new customers or for other purposes. Ticket holders must redeem free travel vouchers according to their specific conditions. This usually requires payment and the ability to have a flexible schedule-the holder must use a seat or room provided by the hotel or airline. Although the choices usually offered are very good, it can be difficult for people with limited schedules.

Whether you're just an individual trying to plan a romantic but cheap vacation or you're a small business owner looking to provide more services to your customers, anyone can get a free travel voucher. Unsold aircraft seats and hotel rooms are actually free, and although it looks so great, everyone actually benefits from it. Because these companies have recognized the good business sense of giving away unsold rooms or seats, they can stay competitive and win new loyal consumers. In addition, secondary businesses can make a profit by selling printing rights, while end users can enjoy free holidays or earn income through redemption-or both.

So maybe you should suspend consideration of that offer until you pass fancy advertising that claims you can use unsold tickets or resorts. Alternatively, you can now print free travel vouchers on sites like Free-Travel-Vouchers, with unlimited printing rights as low as $ 10. Use them yourself or send them out, but ultimately win-win for all involved.